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You may never know how valuable a 24 hour vet assistance can be, until your beloved pet requires immediate care. This is especially helpful if your pet is suddenly critically ill, and is outside normal business hours that your regular vet operates.

Many vet clinics don’t offer after-hour or 24 hour consultations. So it’s important to find an animal emergency hospital or a 24 hour vet clinic. Since many veterinary clinics don’t offer an after-hour service, be prepared to travel a bit farther than normal outside of regular vet business hours.

Fortunately, on The Local Veterinarian Directory, we have a dedicated section especially for locating the nearest after hours or emergency vet clinic/pet hospital in your area.

Find your local emergency or 24 hour vet below by clicking through to your local area:

What could be considered an emergency?

If you pet displays abnormal behaviour, it’s recommended to consult with a veterinarian. Some of the following would be considered requiring immediate medical attention:

  • penetrating wound
  • continuous bleeding
  • unable to stand or walk
  • ingestion of toxic substances
  • inability to urinate or defaecate
  • difficulty in breathing
  • loss of consciousness or balance
  • convulsions
  • seizure
  • swollen abdomen
  • Diarrhoea/vomiting with blood
  • exposure to ticks (and snakes)
  • heatstroke

Often, appointments aren’t necessary in a pet emergency situation. So rather than working on a first come first served basis, instead generally patients are treated in order of urgency. However, it’s suggested to call first before arriving, although an arrival without notification is acceptable.

Whatever the medical emergency, the vet or specialised vet will run your pet through assessments to determine the best course of action. They will explore all avenues especially if surgical or medical procedures are options.

If you have an unusual pet or wildlife, check with the emergency vet to see if they can treat it. Otherwise, an alternate specialised vet would be needed, which may require a longer trip or a transfer.


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