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Here at The Local Veterinarian Directory, our aim is to provide you the most hassle-free Bulimba vet clinic for your beloved pet throughout the Bulimba area.

Our local Bulimba personnel of assistants, veterinarians and nurses are excited about helping pets get the best possible attention whatever their needs may be. Our company understands that your household pet is an important part of your home, and therefore, they deserve to be handled with the best care and affection.

Speak with one of our Bulimba vets and schedule an appointment today. They are eagerly awaiting your call!


Vets in Bulimba have the desire and passion to help animals by providing professional and reliable pet care using the most innovative technology in the veterinary industry. Our vets provide the highest level of pet patient care and compassion. Whether it’s helping cats, reptiles, dogs or birds, they are experts in the field. You only have to make a call to our local Bulimba vet surgery to ascertain how best to schedule an appointment for your pet.

How do I look for my local Bulimba vet?

It's quite simple, simply checkout the links below and look for your area in Bulimba. You will see 2 types:

  1. Local veterinary clinics
  2. 24-hour veterinarian facilities

For those who live outside the Bulimba area, just track the links through to Brisbane to be able to locate your area or find your area in other locations within Australia.


Should my pet see a vet?

We might ask, have you as a person ever felt the desire to talk with a doctor or any health professional? As people age it is normal for the body to be subjected to all types of stress and anxiety. It's not uncommon for any illness to occur unexpectedly, and the same is true with injuries. Your local Bulimba veterinarian may likely suggest for you to start as early as is possible for health and wellness checks to keep your pet’s health at its optimum and give it the best opportunity to live a healthy, balanced, and comfortable life.

An appointment could be immediately readied through a phone call by talking to a friendly vet Bulimba who are waiting to help you and your household pet. They are able to answer just about any inquiries you may have, including treatment options, alternatives for your household pet, along with what actions that are recommended for the future. There is a series of remedies easily accessible for your pet from general health check-ups, to vaccinations, to urgent medical treatment.

How long will an Bulimba vet clinic appointment take?

A typical examination takes 15 to 45 minutes.



What are the Fees?

Cost depends on several factors which include the type of animal and remedy demanded. We will provide you with a price list of a range of solutions and care that are easily available. Right after scheduling an appointment at your Bulimba veterinary clinic, they will be able to thoroughly discuss the treatment options, respond to any concerns you may have, as well as the nature of the fees. Speak with your Bulimba vet for senior/pensioner discounted prices.

How do I Pay?

You will probably discover that your chosen Bulimba veterinary surgery allows all major credit and debit cards, accepts cash and EFTPOS.

What is the deal with pet insurance?

Bulimba veterinarians, at most times, recommend pet insurance protection for just about all household pets. Animal insurance coverage allows local Bulimba vets to get the most efficient achievable result for your household pet, more than requiring to perhaps make compromises according to what your budget can accommodate.

People in Australia are fortunate to have medical care via Medicare. This isn't the case with pets. Veterinary care isn't currently subsidised by the government and also veterinarian costs in Australia are high. With restricted funds, often a pet isn't able to get the best possible care, or maybe even left to go untreated which can have terrible outcomes. This is where pet insurance can come in.



What if I need a Bulimba vet after hours visit?

There are instances when your pet requires urgent treatment beyond typical Bulimba veterinary clinic hours. Perhaps a critical situation like an accident or an obvious pain, or maybe that you sense something isn't really looking rather right, and thus, you would like your pet to be inspected immediately for assurance. In any case, we can help you.

We provide a 24 hour vet to get in touch with at the Local Veterinarian Directory. These facilities are normally accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and are geared towards immediate pet treatment. Generally, vet clinics do not offer after hours service, so there aren’t too many 24 hour veterinarian clinics. Be prepared to possibly travel farther than normal for your animal treatment. Sometimes, you will find that an after hours Bulimba vet can go to your area instead of being the one to travel to the clinic.

Where do I look for an after hours vet in Bulimba?

The links below provide access to after hours vet clinic in Bulimba. Typically, an area has its regular contact number and an after hours contact number.

The Local Veterinarian Directory
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