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We warmly welcome you to the Carindale Local Veterinarian Directory!

The Local Veterinarian Directory provides professional and trusted pet care with every Carindale vet clinic and we take a great amount of pride in this.

Our local Carindale personnel of nurses, veterinarians and assistances take measures to ensure that your pets are in a safe and nurturing environment. With our years of experience, we understand that pets have to be kept happy and healthy because they are an important part of your home and family.

Our Carindale vets look forward to a lifetime of helping you care for your pets. Speak with them today by reaching us through our phone number.


Vets in Carindale, just as all vets in Australia, are highly trained and experienced to accommodate all your household pets' necessities making use of a host of the most advanced strategies in the veterinary field. Also available is easy access to some of the most ground-breaking innovation you can find anywhere. Some clinics are experts when it comes to cats, birds, reptiles etc. Making a phone call to your local Carindale vet surgery is the first step in getting your pet into tip-top health!

How do I go about finding my local Carindale vet?

Looking for a local Carindale vet should be easy. Simple follow the links below and choose between these 2 types:

  1. Local veterinary clinics
  2. 24-hour veterinarian facilities

Those who reside outside the Carindale area, just needs to click the links through to Brisbane. Otherwise, click through to your local area elsewhere in Australia.


Why is it important for my pet to see a vet?

Pets need to see their vet for regular check-ups to keep on top of their health. How often a pet should visit a vet will depend on their life stage, but all of them needs a vet visit just the same. Your local Carindale veterinarian, just like you, wants pets to live a healthy and happy life as much as possible. It is important to learn the importance of pet check-ups and know why they are necessary.

Making an appointment with the vet Carindale

Regular check-ups with a professional and friendly vet Carindale must be part of our pets’ lives because as pet parents, we want them to live the best lives possible. Make sure that your pet is complete with all the necessary vaccinations and medical treatment whenever they are needed.

How long will a Carindale vet clinic appointment take?

A visit to the vet takes around 15 to 45 minutes depending on the type of medical attention your pet needs.


How much are the expenses?

The cost of going to a veterinarian depends on many factors such as the medical condition. A visit to the vet shouldn’t be perceived as optional because on the contrary, it is a necessity. A visit to your Carindale veterinary clinic will allow you to discuss with the vet all the things you may want to know in keeping your pet healthy and happy. Your Carindale vet will be able to give you insights and professional advice for your pet.

How is payment made?

Most likely, your local Carindale veterinary surgery will accept cash and allow payment through all major credit and debit cards as well as EFTPOS.

What is pet insurance?

Carindale veterinarians will likely recommend you get pet insurance to provide adequate coverage so that you will never have to base medical decisions on your financial capacity. It is best to always make decisions according to what is best for your pet and not base on how much you can afford.

While Australians are animal lovers, the sad reality is that perhaps only 25% out of 9 million dogs are insured. Without insurance, your pet will possibly not get the best possible care whenever they get sick and worse, some are left untreated. Pet insurance allows for protection against expenses of long-term treatments and expensive medication. Insurance eases the burden paying for expensive veterinary expenses in cases of accidents and other unwanted circumstances.


Do you offer Carindale vet surgery after hours visits?

Unlike 'humans' it can be difficult to ask for help as a pet during emergency situations. While our hope is that your pet will never face any type of emergency, we can help you during critical situations like this. We provide compassionate service for pets through after hour care.

We are happy to provide a 24 hour service to accommodate all those who may need emergency pet hours after business hours. Accidents do happen to our furry friends so we provide after hour Carindale vet services so that we can help you when something comes up in the middle of the night. We believe that it is crucial to have an emergency option in place because we genuinely care about these beloved animals. it may be possible for vets to travel to your area so you no longer have to be the one to go to them.

How do I find an after hours vet around Carindale

Below are links to after hours vet clinics in the Carindale area. Just look for the regular phone number or the after hours number and we will be there to help.

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