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On this The Local Veterinary Directory, our objective is to supply the most practical local veterinary clinic for your cherished animal throughout Red Hill and also the surrounding locations.

Our Red Hill veterinarian team of vets, registered nurses, as well as receptionists are enthusiastic regarding helping pets get the best possible treatment whatever the need may be. We really appreciate that your pet is such a valued member of your family, and therefore must be treated with the upmost tender love and care.

Speak to a Red Hill vet and schedule a consultation today. They are excitedly waiting on your telephone call!


Re Hill vets, as are all veterinarians in Australia, have been highly trained to cater for all your pet needs utilising a number of the most innovative techniques in the veterinary market. Additionally available is several of the most cutting edge technology you could discover anywhere. There are some clinics that are experts in birds, cats, and so on. It's worth a phone call to your local Red Hill veterinarian to determine if your animal is treatable at that facility.

Just how do I discover my local Red Hill vet?

It's straightforward, click on the links below to your local area of Red Hill. You will find 2 categories:

  1. Local veterinary clinics
  2. 24-hr vet clinics

If you reside outside the Red Hill area, follow your nose through to the Brisbane region with it's suburbs.


Does my family pet really need to see a vet Red Hill?

We could ask, do you as a human ever before need to seek advice from a health doctor? As we grow older it's all very natural for the body to be subjected to tension, where illnesses and also sicknesses can take place. We've probably had a loved one where cancer was diagnosed out of the blue. Not to mention a sudden injury. It's the same for your animal. Your vet Red Hill and vet Paddington would certainly recommend to begin as early as feasible for a checkup to keep on top of your family pet's health to provide it the very best chance feasible to live a healthy, balanced and happy life.

Just how do I book a Red Hill vet clinic visit?

An appointment could be easily organised with a call by speaking with a pleasant Red Hill vet who are waiting in order to help you as well as your family pet. They can extensively explain any kind of inquiries you could have, consisting of treatments, choices for your pet dog, as well as just what steps are suggested moving on. There is a range of services available for your family pet from basic health and wellness checkups, to inoculations, to urgent surgical treatment.

What is the length of time a visit will take?

A regular appointment will take 15 - 45 minutes.


What does it cost? What do Red Hill vets charge?

Charges depend upon kind of animal and solution required. Provided is a variety of solutions and care and upon scheduling a consultation at your Red Hill veterinary clinic, they will have the ability to extensively explain the procedures, answer any kind of questions you might have, and the nature of the charges. Consult your Red Hill veterinarian for senior/persioner discounts.

Just how can I pay?

You will likely discover your Red Hill vet and Paddington vet will accept all major credit/debit cards, cash money, and also EFTPOS.

What about regarding pet insurance?

You will probably find that most vets would advise pet insurance coverage for all pets. Animal insurance coverage enables vets to go for the best feasible outcome for your pet, over having to perhaps make comprimises based on your financial resources.

Individuals in Australia are fortunate to have health care via Medicare or private medical insurance. This isn't the case with pets. Veterinary treatment isn't currently subsidised by the government and also vet expenses in Australia are high. With minimal financial resources, sometimes an animal isn't really able to get the best feasible treatment, and even left to go unattended which can have dire repercussions. This is where pet insurance coverage comes in.


What if I need a Red Hill vet after hours visit?

There are times when your family pet requires immediate attention beyond normal Red Hill veterinary surgery hrs. It could be an emergency situation like an injury or an abvious pain, or maybe that you identify something isn't quite right and like it to be checked prior to tomorrow to be on the safe side. Regardless, we have you covered.

We have actually offered a 24 hour veterinarian call section to the Local Veterinarian Directory. These facilities are generally 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and are tailored in the direction of instant pet treatment. Typically vet centres don't provide after hours service, so the 24 hour vet clinics are fewer in number, so be prepared to potentially travel farther than normal for your pet dog treatment. You may even discover that an after hours Red Hill vet can come to you.

Where can I find a Red Hill emergency vet?

Simply follow the links listed below to your location. Each location, has a normal vet to get in touch with and an after hrs call.

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