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We care for animals because we ourselves here at our Salisbury vet clinic are animal lovers. Here at Local Veterinary Directory, we can meet the needs of all animals. From your kitten to your puppies and rabbits, our Salisbury vets can right your pet's health. We are hands-on and our vets are trained to do specialised animal care. We consider animals as our friends, in fact, we even welcome them as part of our family!


We are adept in radiography, ECG, ultrasound, endoscopy and even dentistry amongst other disciplines. To us, you are never just some random customer. For your peace of mind, you can be certain that your pet is in very good hands. We provide affordable services to ensure that the health and well-being of your pet is monitored. We have some of the most respected vets in the Salisbury area. We offer excellent pet vet care and successful medical outcomes.


Why See a Salisbury Vet?

Follow up calls and visits are appreciated by our clients because it allows us to provide a superior level of care. We support families and provide information, advice, and recommendations to them in order to best assist their pets whatever the situation might be. During a consultation, you can take plenty of time to discuss all your concerns with our local vet Salisbury. Our goal is to do our best for your pets by means of open client communication. Following the consultations and procedures, we make sure that your pet is recovering well or has already fully recovered, to alleviate any worries and to provide the best environment for your pet moving forward.

Booking a Salisbury Vet Clinic Appointment

You can decide on a time and date that best suits your schedule. While you can visit our Salisbury vet clinic, we understand that this can be a hassle to you, therefore we may be able to offer home visits depending on your area. Did you know that animals are more relaxed when they see a vet? It's like having a friend to visit them and animals enjoy this. Your pets always come first, so we will listen to you to be able to determine the best care possible.


How Much Do Salisbury Vets Charge

We examine your pets using a balance between practical judgment skills and advanced treatments. Our services are affordable and you will be surprised how little our Salisbury veterinary clinic charges for the kind of service we provide. We take pride in treating every pet like our own, so if you choose us as your pet's vet, we will help you decide on the best course of action to improve your pet's quality of life. We will be there for you when your beloved animal gets sick or injured, or if it needs to quickly come in to our Salisbury veterinary surgery.

Importance of Pet Insurance

Whatever situation it is, your pet will certainly need medical attention and it is best for you to be prepared when that time comes. Of course, while you do not want that to happen, it can happen to you especially in the absence of pet insurance. We believe that pet insurance can be a great help to anyone who owns an animal.

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong at some point, so it is best to have pet insurance before a health problem becomes more threatening and costly. As a pet owner, you know that pets give undying love to their masters so you need to do the same for them.


After Hours Salisbury Vet Services

We're here for you and your pet and we will do the best we can do provide the most convenient Salisbury vet surgery services you need. Our vets have decades of combined experience so we can treat your pets for a variety of health issues. Our staff knows who you are and you will never feel like you've been lost in a crowd full of other customers. If you feel that your pet needs urgent medical attention and care, do not hesitate to call the Local Veterinary Directory. We love providing exceptional care and we will continue to do so. In fact, we provide excellent professional care and our services constantly improving at least that's what our clients keep telling us!

Emergency Vet Salisbury Contact

For an emergency, contact us on our emergency number.

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