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We are hands-on and our vets are trained to do specialised animal care. From your kitten to puppies to rabbits, our The Gap vets can handle the most complicated situations. Our The Gap vet clinic is also available during weekends, late nights and early mornings to fit around your busy schedule. Why should you trust us with your beloved pets? That is an excellent question. Well, all our employees here at the Local Veterinarian Directory adheres to strict guiding principles in veterinary care.


Beyond our medical skills, we truly care for animals. As we get to know them, they trust us to care for their beloved animals. We keep you updated with the progress of your pet because we believe that the more informed you are, the less stressful it will be for you. Here at the Local Veterinarian Directory, our highly skilled vets have undergone specialised training and high tertiary education in animal care and are adept in radiography, ECG, ultrasound, endoscopy and even dentistry amongst other disciplines. Here at the Local Veterinarian Directory, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to provide clients with the best care possible. Here at the Local Veterinarian Directory, we believe that quality pet health care must be made widely available for everyone.


Why See a The Gap Vet?

Before we carry out any treatments or medication, we will provide you with a detailed plan estimating all costs and explaining why it needs to be done. There are two general rules as to why your pet may need to see a local vet The Gap. It's either the animal is sick or you want to prevent it from getting sick. Some pet owners, on the other hand, only take their pets to the vet when need to have vaccinations done. Our goal is to do our best for your pets by means of open client communication.

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When we diagnose and give medical recommendations, we consider your pet's environment, lifestyle and diet. We have stayed true to our mission of providing compassionate care for your pets because we believe that healing springs from an unwavering compassionate care. By coming in to see us, is the first step, if you haven't done so already, to your pet's health. To schedule an appointment, just call us, and we will fit you in at the next available opportunity.


How Much do a The Gap Vets Charge?

Charges depend on the type of care your pet needs and kind of treatment that may need to be done in our The Gap veterinary clinic. We take pride in treating every pet like our own, so if you choose us as your pet's veterinarian, we will help you decide on the best course of action to improve your pet's quality of life. Charges typically depend on the type of care needed by your pets. Upon visiting The Gap veterinary surgery, we will provide a breakdown of the full process and include a detailed list of our fees.

Is Pet Insurance worth it?

We always recommend that our clients obtain adequate insurance to be able to afford all treatment costs even during emergency situations. What if other emergencies arise? You will have to choose between life and death for your beloved pet. If you are a pet lover, you understand that a pet insurance is just as important as your own healthcare simply because we treat our pets like family. The insurance company will be the one to cover your entire bill or a percentage of your bill that generally eases the burden of having a sick pet. Of course, while you do not want that to happen, it can happen to you especially in the absence pet insurance. We recommend you avoid putting yourself into that position.


The Gap Emergency Vet Pet Care

It can be difficult when you need emergency help and you cannot contact any veterinarian especially during late nights or early mornings. Luckily for you, we offer round the clock veterinary help, and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days. We will be there when Murphy's Law enacts itself, and your pet gets sick at the most inopportune time. Our The Gap vet surgery services have a sense of community. Our clients are our walking advertisement and they are the reason why we continue to grow in this industry, along with our 24/7 services. We believe that by doing a great job as veterinarians, the rest can take care of itself.

After Hours Vet The Gap Contact

If you are in urgent need, contact us on our emergency number.

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