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We are hands-on and our vets are trained to do specialised animal care. We understand that a pet can mean a lot to you, which is why our Wynnum vets give them the same care and attention that you give to their own. Here at the Local Veterinary Directory, we can meet the needs of all animals. Our Wynnum vet clinic prides itself on being professional and caring to meet all your animal health needs. We enjoy what we do and this is our focus to provide the best veterinary care there is in the Wynnum area.


We can accommodate morning, afternoon, and evening appointments, even late nights! Whatever suits your schedule. Here at the Local Veterinarian Directory, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to provide clients with the best care possible. It is important for us that your furry babies are cared for especially during the most difficult times of their lives. Our preventative health treatments are made affordable to ensure the best healthcare for your pet. We have an unwavering dedication to excellent animal care, which is why many clients have put their trust in us. You can be assured that we will treat your animals with the same compassion and care as we have done in the past.


Why see a Wynnum vet?

We practice proactive pain management, or in other words, stopping the pain before it even begins. Follow up calls and visits are appreciated by our clients because it allows us to provide a superior level of care. Our veterinarians' expertise allows us to treat cases that other vet clinics would have referred to a specialist. We support families and provide information, advice, and recommendations to them in order to best assist your pets whatever the situation might be. Once in a while, your pet will need to see a local vet Wynnum. We are always gentle and we treat pets no differently than if we were to treat humans.

How to organise a Wynnum vet clinic appointment

Our representatives are always ready to route you to the appropriate veterinarian in your area of Wynnum. That's how versatile we are here at the Local Veterinary Directory. Normally, it only takes a few moments to book an appointment. Standard consultations usually take up to 45 minutes. From your first telephone call to your consultation, we will talk everything through with you and address your concerns thoroughly. We can accommodate your needs in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and even in the wee hours of the night.


How much are the Wynnum vets services?

We also have dedicated caring nurses that will take care of your pets. Our efficient team enables us to provide invaluable services to pets to our valued customers. However, we can assure you that Wynnum veterinary clinic fees are affordable for any pet owner. If your pet needs a Wynnum veterinary surgery, we will provide a breakdown of the full process and include a detailed list of our fees. As for the costs, it widely depends on what needs to be done and what medications need to be bought.

Importance of pet insurance

You'll never know when your pet will need medical attention. It comes as no surprise that dogs, cats, animals of all kinds get sick, too. We recommend you avoid putting yourself into that position. During those times, for some people, they can never be sure if they will actually be able to afford it. Should your pets suffer from illnesses or accidents, you should have the peace of mind that your pet is under the best care possible.


Wynnum Vet Emergency Pet Care

Our services offer many advantages not only for your pets but for you as the owner. We're here for you and your pet and we will do the best we can to provide the most convenient Wynnum vet surgery services you need. More than anyone, you know your pet. We also maintain continuity in your pet's case so we can monitor post operation necessities. We've been providing exceptional care for years and we continue to do so. In fact, we provide excellent professional care and our services is continually improving, at least that's what our clients keep telling us.

Wynnum Vet After Hours Contact

If you feel that your pet needs urgent medical attention and care, contact us on our emergency contact number. We are here 24/7.

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