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It is a privilege to have you as a guest at our Yeronga vet directory site!

We are hands-on and our vets are trained to do specialised animal care. We understand that a pet can mean a lot to you, which is why our Yeronga vets give them the same care and attention that you give to them. We provide access to our top veterinary specialists including during emergencies. We care for animals because we ourselves here at our Yeronga vet clinic are animal lovers. All our vets here at the Local Veterinarian Directory adhere to strict guiding principles in veterinary care.


Most of our clients are long-term, who have trusted us over the years. We provide affordable services to ensure that the health and well-being of your pet is monitored. You can be assured that we will treat your animals with the same compassion and care as we have done in the past. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients and their pets. To us, you are never just some random customer. We are adept in radiography, ECG, ultrasound, endoscopy and even dentistry amongst other disciplines


Why should my pet see a Yeronga Vet?

You do not have to wait for your pet to get sick; preventive care is still the best way to care for a pet, and this is just one of the many reasons why you need to see us today. We offer advanced veterinary care and specialised surgery whenever necessary. Vaccinations prevent your pet from getting ill and guarantees the safety of the people around you.

We support families and provide information, advice, and recommendations to them in order to best assist their pets whatever the situation might be. There are some general rules as to why your pet may need to visit us at our Yeronga veterinary surgery. We always base our recommendations on the best interest of your pets.

Booking a Yeronga vet clinic appointment

When we estimate your fees, we will include everything from the nose to the tail surgery costs, anaesthesia, etc. If there will be anticipated additional costs, they will be discussed upfront and written estimates can usually be provided. There will be no hidden fees.

While you can visit our vet clinic in your area, we understand that this can be a hassle to you, therefore we may offer home visits depending on your area. We believe that communication is key. When we diagnose and give medical recommendations, we consider your pet's environment, lifestyle and diet.


How much are Yeronga Vets Services?

The fees depend on the depth of treatment your pet needs, whether it needs a regular vaccine or annual health check or surgery. We also have dedicated nurses that will take care of your pets. Our efficient team enables us to provide invaluable services to pets as our valued customers.

We will even help you cope with that difficult time every pet owner will someday face. Whatever it is, our services will be worth every penny. Our Yeronga veterinary clinic can provide medical and preventive care, diagnose illnesses and treat any health problems that may be discovered.

Is Pet Insurance worth it?

If you do not have a pet insurance yet and you get into a situation where you will choose between life and death for your pet, you will wish you had obtained pet insurance. Of course, while you do not want that to happen, it can happen to you especially in the absence pet insurance.

It can be difficult to help your pets recover from any sickness if you do not have enough money for it. As a pet owner, you know that pets give undying love to their masters. This leads to limited health options and perhaps even a compromise of your pet's health.


I need a Yeronga emergency vet

We make pet care convenient for you, and in some cases, we can come to you personally to eliminate the need for you to travel to us. We genuinely want the best outcome for your babies, which is why we do the best we can to achieve it, whatever the need or situation may be. Our clients are our walking advertisement and they are the reason why we continue to grow in this industry, along with our 24/7 services.

We're here for you and your pet and we will do the best we can do provide the most convenient Yeronga vet surgery services you need. Here at Local Veterinary Directory, we offer different services compared to the average veterinarian.

After hours Yeronga Vet Contact

Do not wait for your pet's situation to be critical before you bring them to us. But if this is the case and you feel as though you need immediate after hours care, contact us on our emergency number.

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