How You Can Train Your Cats?

When you think of training a pet, you will think about dogs. Dogs are trained in obedience, to work on farms, to detect drugs and illegal items or even cancer. Most people do not think about cats when they consider training, but it is possible to train your cat.


Training your cat will actually help to sharpen their mind, provide them with the exercise they need and prevent any unwanted behaviour. When you train your cat, your furniture will be safe from scratching and you will be creating a safer environment for you and your cat.

One of the most effective ways to train a cat is to use a clicker. Clicker training is a great way to shape your cat’s behaviour and works in small and easy bits. The use of a clicker is also recommended by many vets when it comes to training a cat.

You will be able to buy a cat clicker form most pet stores or you can make clicking noises yourself if you do not want a device. The key to this training is to make the sound as soon as your cat performs any desired actions or behaviours. You should also give your cat a small food treat to help reinforce their good behaviour. Repeating this every time the behaviour is exhibited will help you train your cat.

Cat Training Tips

The best time to work on training your cat is just before mealtime because your cat will be more motivated by food at these times. You should only train for a short period of time with 15 minutes being the maximum amount of time before your cat loses interest. When your cat stops responding, you need to stop the training session. It is recommended that you complete several short training sessions during the day.

You should not force your cat into the training session by picking them up and taking them to where you would like to train them. When you do this, your cat will not understand what they are being asked to do. You should also only use treats when you are training. If you give your cat a treat each time they paw you, you will not be training your cat. In fact, you are the one that is being trained.

Ringing The Bell

If you have an outdoor cat, you will know that they can become destructive and frustrating in their efforts to get back inside. To overcome this, you should try hanging a small but loud bell on a string at cat eye level. You should ignore their meowing and other efforts to get your attention and eventually the cat will touch the bell and make it ring. At this point, you will reward them by opening the door. You will have to repeat this several times before your cat starts to ring the bell deliberately.

Sit And High 5 Commands

All cats can sit and this command will be easy to teach. When your cat sits, you need to say the command and them praise them with either a treat or a pat. You can also introduce a hand signal which will further help your cat learn.

You could extend this training to the High 5 command. To do this, you need to encourage a small movement with their paw by giving them a treat when their paw is off the ground. Then, with the treat still in your fist, you need to wait for them to use their paw to try and grab it. You can then give them the treat as a reward. You will need to gradually lift your hand higher until you get the High 5 that you want.

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