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We care for animals because we ourselves here at our 24 hour vet clinic are animal lovers. Our emergency vets have extensive clinical experience and we have all the needed university qualifications for pet medicine and surgery. We are known for the veterinary services we provide and you will certainly not regret choosing us. We are a group of caring veterinarians.

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24 Hour Vet Brisbane

Emergency Vet Brisbane Services

Our vets have decades of combined experience so we can treat your pets for a variety of health issues. We believe that by doing a great job as veterinarians, the rest can take care of itself. We will make this a positive experience for you despite the fact that your pet may not be the best of health right now. We constantly update our education and skills, and get ourselves informed with the latest protocols and innovations related to the animal world.

Call the 24/7 emergency veterinary number above, and we will route you straight through to your nearest emergency vet.

After Hours Vet Brisbane Contact

Most vets do not cater outside of standard business hours. Some have extended trading hours, weekends, into the evenings etc, both few offer 24 hour 7 day pet emergency care. Therefore, expect to travel farther than normal for vet care outside of normal trading hours. In Brisbane itself, there are 24/7 vet clinics on both the northside and southside.

Call the number above, and we can find your nearest after hours vet.


Standard Local Brisbane Vets

Here at the Local Veterinarian Directory, our highly skilled vets have undergone specialised trainings in animal care. We employ only those that have genuine care for animals so that they can extend the same love that we have for your pets. We keep you updated with the progress of your pet because we believe that the more informed you are, the less stressful it will be for you. Since the beginning, we have worked very hard to build our reputation throughout Brisbane, which is why we only employ professionals who have genuine care for animals. Here at the Local Veterinarian Directory, we believe that quality pet health care must be made widely available for everyone. We are adept in radiography, ECG, ultrasound, endoscopy and even dentistry amongst other disciplines.

Finding the Your Local Veterinarian in Brisbane

The link just below, or up top, will take you to your local area in Brisbane where you are located. You can then choose from among these two options:

  1. Local Veterinary Clinics
  2. 24-hours veterinarian facilities (simply call the number above and we will route you straight through)

For services in other areas throughout Australia, wherever you may be, just look for your state and then select the city, then the area you are looking to find a vet.

Local Brisbane Vet Consultations

Why should my pet see a Brisbane veterinarian?

Once in a while, your pet will need to see a veterinarian. You do not have to wait for your pet to get sick, preventive care is still the best way to care for an animal, and this is just one of the many reasons why you need to see us today. We believe that prevention, as is with human health, is better than cure. We support families and provide information, advice, and recommendations in order to best assist their pets whatever the situation might be.

Book an Appointment with Us!

Normally, it takes only minutes to book an appointment. By simply dialing our number after you've found us in your local area, you will be able to speak to one of our representatives who will help you with your pet care needs. Appointments can be scheduled immediately just by making a phone call to us.

For any anticipated additional costs, we can discuss them with you upfront and written estimates can usually be provided. From your telephone call to your first visit, we will talk to you and address your concerns thoroughly.

Local Brisbane Vet Clinic Charges

How much does it cost?

Our local Brisbane veterinary clinic can provide medical and preventive care, diagnose illnesses and treat any health problems that may be discovered. Our prices are competitive and you can be sure that we never charge more than you actually get whether you are in for a health check-up through to if your pet needs full surgery.

As for the costs, it widely depends on what needs to be done, and what medications need to be bought. Depending on the disease or illness that needs to be treated, we will provide you with an honest and detailed breakdown of expenses.

Call us in your local area, and we will route you through to chat to a local vet so you can gain an estimate for your pet's specific circumstance.

Importance of Pet Insurance

We believe strongly that pet insurance can be a great help to anyone who owns an animal. When emergencies arise and you are not ready, you will have to choose between life and death for your beloved pet. Whatever type of pet you have, it will one day need medical attention so it is best for you to be prepared when that time comes. Should your pets suffer from illnesses or accidents, you should have the peace of mind that your pet is under the best care possible.


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